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Primerate Nyomda Budapest, Gödöllő
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  • One of our key account managers will help you with ideas on implementation and in specifying the technical parameters of your product.

  • We check your ready-to-print file free of charge and help you with design.

  • We choose the most favourable production technology (digital/offset), as we offer both in house.

  • We work around the clock, so your products will be ready within hours.

First steps

Our aim is to help you get the help you need, based on your current needs.


In our experience, verbal consultation is the most effective way to thoroughly map the real needs of the printing industry.


During the preparation phase, we are happy to give you an inspiring demonstration of our tried and tested printing solutions.


If we can help you with a specific printing job, the first step is to estimate the cost.


We offer full printing services and creative solutions

Book production
Cost-effective digital and offset book production, even for small print runs
Catalogues, brochures
Product and service portfolio brochures with any binding process
Newspapers, magazines
Tailored publications with more extensive content and design, with lots of colour photos
DM mailings
Creative and personalised direct mail that effectively conveys the desired message
User manuals
Information leaflets on light-weight paper supplied with technical products

Partners who have chosen us

For more information on our cooperation, see the case studies.

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Our customers say

Professional printing services

Whether it’s marketing, education, entertainment or information, real, tangible things are and always will be the most effective tools. While a lot in the digital age has moved to the virtual space, now it has been proven that there will always be a demand and need for printed books, magazines, catalogues and other publications. Remember when, with the advent of e-book readers, many feared that they would completely displace real books from the market, thus eliminating book printing? Well, that didn’t turn out to be the case, because both have their reasons for existence – and there’s no substitute for the feel and smell of paper books.

The same is true for all other publications: although the rise of electronic publications is undoubtedly significant because of their practicality and cheapness, paper publications have not disappeared, but have rather strengthened their position and prestige.
In our printing house, we offer book production, DM printing, magazine production, brochure production, 3D surface treatment, graphic design and other creative processes in addition to offset and digital printing, all in impeccable quality and with maximum customisation.

Traditional and special printing solutions

Whether it’s a small print run or a large-scale production run, our digital facility in Budapest and our offset facilities in Gödöllő can handle any order to the highest quality. In addition, we offer special services such as UV metal foiling and 3D UV varnishing to make your publications extremely impressive and unique.

In very simple terms, offset printing has the advantage of a large number of copies at a reasonable price, while digital printing is the best choice when a small number of copies and short deadlines are needed for a particular publication or printed marketing tool.

Accordingly, for companies with a large customer base, we recommend the former technology for printing direct marketing materials and mailings, while for smaller or start-up businesses, the latter is a cost-effective solution for printing 100–200 brochures, catalogues, company brochures, etc.

Our experts are always ready to help you with these issues.

Producing high quality print products with expertise

With nearly three decades of experience, we provide the highest quality service in everything from digital and commercial book production to brochure and magazine printing, from instruction manuals even to gambling ticket printing.

In addition to various printing processes, we also place great emphasis on creative services such as personalisation and marketing consultancy.

Contact us and together we will find the most effective solutions to achieve your goals.


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