Production of regular publications

In unusual design

Production of regular publications

In unusual design

Newspaper, journal and magazine printing

magazin nyomtatás Budapest

This product family is mainly the domain of publishers, whether they are regular or occasional publications. Our portfolio includes local government papers, monthly and quarterly magazines, periodicals and high-quality magazines, in small and medium print runs, produced using digital or offset technology, depending on the volume.

Raw materials and binding

Our magazines produced with sheetfed technology (max. B1 format) can be based on a wide range of offset or coated art papers, from lower grammages (70 g) to higher grammages (350 g). The most common is glue-bound, but there are also magazines made by stitching or simple folding. The cover can also be given a custom surface finish (3D UV varnish, metal foil, etc.)

különleges magazin

Inserting, attachments and personalisation

A frequent need is the production of supplements and inserting them into a magazine or journal. Folded or die-cut inserts are manually inserted at any desired or even specific location. A unique option is to personalise the cover, even with a postal address, which can simplify delivery to the recipient.

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