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To stand out from the buzz of communication, paper mechanics, laser-printed papercutting, “smart” DMs, etc., which are very different from traditional publications, offer an excellent opportunity. Their effect can be further enhanced by 3D UV varnish, Scodix metallic foil or other surface finishing processes.

Brochures presenting your product or service portfolio can be produced in traditional A4, A5 format or custom sizes. They can be glue-bound (PUR, hot melt), stitched, printed on different grammages of paper. The cover can be customised with a 3D UV varnish or laser-cut graphics that stand out from the paper plane.

With more extensive content than the daily and weekly papers, with lots of colour photos, this is an entertainment publication for a special target audience. Not only publishers but also large companies produce them as a means of internal communication for their target groups or employees. They are usually produced in 4 colours and on art paper in variable sizes.

Printed matter containing assembly, installation, etc. information for technical products, in several languages, printed on offset or art paper, but usually weighing 60 grams. It can be produced in either a B1 format fold-out version or as a stitched small booklet. For exclusive products, it can also be produced in a high-page book format with perfect binding.

Direct mail: personalised traditional format letters, various creative materials, paper-mechanical solutions, “smart” DMs, etc. are effective ways to communicate with partners. Personalised mailings have been shown to be opened and read at a much higher rate than impersonal messages.

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