CO2 Neutral Production

Specific Solution for Sustainability

CO2 Neutral Production

What is CO2 neutralisation?

CO2 neutralisation is a process aimed at offsetting the impact of carbon dioxide emissions. It allows companies to measure their emissions at net zero CO2, which supports sustainability goals and the fight against climate change.
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How can print production be CO2 neutral?

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Print production can become CO2 neutral if carbon emissions are taken into account and offset by joining CO2 emission offset schemes.

What do we offer our partners?

  • Together with our contracted partner ClimatePartner, we offer solutions to measure, monitor and offset the CO2emissions of a given production.
  • We support real offset projects in proportion to the amount of CO2 emitted in the process, as certified by a mark on the given printed product.
  • The CO2 offset fee is only 2% of the price of the printed product.
  • CO2 neutral production is also available for you!
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If you have any questions, please contact our head of group, Gergely Simon:

Tel.: +36 20 940 4127

Sustainability is one of our major ambitions.

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