The soul of the company portfolio

A gripping printed presentation

The soul of the company portfolio

A gripping printed presentation

Catalogue, prospectus production,
brochure printing

Katalógus nyomtatás, brosúra és prospektus tervezés, gyártás

In the life of every company, the product list and the presentation of services play an important role, reflecting the company's activities and main strengths. Often the first image, the first impression, is the intermediary for those who are not yet informed about the offer of the manufacturer or service provider. It is important for it to be eye-catching in both its appearance and presentation.

Formal solutions

In terms of structure and design, it can be of traditional, stitched, glue-bound or even simply folded. An important thing is always to find the right image-to-text ratio, which greatly influences its effectiveness. We can also deviate from the usual design, which ensures that it stands out even more from the crowd of catalogues and brochures.


Custom look

egyedi megjelenésű katalógus készítés

With different surface finishing and printing solutions, we can make your catalogue or brochure special. A cover with 3D UV varnish, silver or gold metallic foil is not only beautiful, but also conveys value and quality. With the possibilities offered by laser cutting, we can make the content playful or even eye-catching, and the effect will be sure.

Inspirational videos

A preview of our previous work

katalógus és prospektus nyomtatás - videó
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